Online SMT chip mounter machine for LED products

Online SMT chip mounter machine for LED products

Online SMT chip mounter machine for LED products


Online SMT chip mounter machine for LED products

Technical Parameters



Number of Heads

Vision on the Fly


Placement Rate

Under the optimum condition




Feeder Capacity

Front and back

25+25 Tape Feeders

(8mm/12mm Electric Standard)

IC Tray Capacity

325 x 135mm


Component Alignment

Vision Detection

Component Size

Handled by Head Camera

Smallest: 0201 (inch)

Largest: 10 x 8 (mm)

Handled by Fixed Bottom   Camera

Smallest: 1206 (inch)

Largest: 30 x 30 (mm)



X/Y Axis

Magnetic Levitation Linear   Motor

Z Axis

Step-Servo Motor


0 to 360°

Placement Accuracy


X-Y Repeatability

Magnetic Grid


PCB Size


L 300 x W 250mm


L 50 x W 50mm


Vision Teach-in

Coordinates Import

Main Control Method

Industrial PC


AC 220V ±10% (50/60Hz, 1   phase)

Max. 3.0KW

Air Pressure

0.55-0.7MPa (5.6-7.1kgf/cm2)

External Dimension(mm)

L x W x H

1150 x 1370 x 1500 mm


Approximate 1500kgs


Product Features

1.Vision On the Fly Alignment

2.Bottom Vision Alignment System for big components/IC

3.Fiducial recognition and coordinate correction

4.Conveyor system with SMEMA interface and automatic-width-control

5. Magnetic levitation linear motor in X and Y axis for high repeatability and stability

6.Smart Nozzle System provides automatic nozzle checking and replacing

7.Perfect for medium & high-volume production

8.Strong and rigid mechanical design

9.Optimized pick / place routing design, ensures precision and speed

10.Each mounting head has its own Z - direction step-servo motor, which is designed for vertical motion

11.Works with different types of high-precision nozzle

12.For different PCB, FPC, MCPCB, PSB, etc.;

13.Suit for variety of SMD components: resistors, capacitors, IC, QFP, CFP, etc.

14.Using imported high precision ball screw, motor, solenoid valve, cable, etc., 15. Effectively improve the placement accuracy, stability.


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